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Apartments & Villas

Apartments and Villas with a CAPTIVATING PANORAMIC VIEW

The resort is planned to hold 32 terraced houses of which:

* 20 are apartment houses with 104 apartments, areas ranging from 42 – 110 m2
* 12 are family villas with areas ranging from 150 – 350 m2

The steep mountain on the foot of which the resort lies ensures a captivating panoramic view from each apartment and villa to the entire Bay of Risan and especially to the historic town of Perast and its two jewels – the church islands of St.George and Our Lady of the Rocks.

All apartments and villas have balconies, all semi shaded to ensure privacy in the overall home ambiance, as they have a focal role of family lifestyle during the summer. All the entrances are seperate from the resident roads or gardens.

Due to the active presence of tourist agency within the “Boka Gardens” organization, You have the possibility of renting your own apartment to tourists during the seasons when you are not using it, which provides you with oppertunities of occasionaly planning Your holiday elsewhere and supports a globetrotting versatile travel lifestyle.



All the villas and the apartments have a contemporary design even though their exterior and the gardens surrounding them strongly resemble the traditional Boka Kotor architecture.

In accordance to this, natural stone prevails on the facade and paved surfaces, playing the main role in the typical Mediterranean ambience.

Since rock is an abundant raw material at the site it is used in building house facades, numerous retaining walls, road and path paving. This local stone is also carved to form monolith tables and benches.

Interior works are carried out in high quality, with the use of materials and products from well known European manufacturers.
Every house has its one telephone line, cable TV and an ADSL internet connection
The houses are equipped with a heating and cooling system, using invert function systems (“Split” or “Multi-split”), while the bathrooms have floor heating.
Included, as part of the apartment equipment, is the entire kitchen (except refrigerators), closets and a plasma TV.
Beside the basic city electricity and water supply there is also an aggregate system for additional power supply and a big reservoir tank and rain collectors for additional water supply. A hydro station enables work of the aggregate and the tanks when there is a failure in city supply.
The Boka Gardens resort has its own ecological canalization system with filters that make the water that goes into the sea, at a deep location of high pressures, absolutely clean.
The resort is equipped with a video surveillance for every house, and resident street lightining, both of them being controlled and maintained from the central office.

Throughout the year the maintenance of all the facilities is organized by the Firm “Inprus - Mont”, and includes taking care of gardens, lightning, cleaning ,security and surveillance. This service is charged extra and costs around 250-500 euro per year.
The resort has its own intendent who lives there and is in charge of organizing your transport to and from the airport, as well as fulfilling some other service like cleaning apartments, ventilating them or taking care of them altogether during your absence.

Within the “Boka Gardens” organization there is a tourist agency giving you the possibility of renting your own apartment to tourists during the saesons when you are not using it, which will bring you generous extra income.